What is Permanent Make Up?

Permanent make up is also called a number of other names, including:

  • Micro pigmentation
  • Semi permanent make up
  • Dermapigmentation
  • Dermal Graphics
  • Intradermal pigmentation
  • Cosmetic tattooing
  • Permanent cosmetic make up
  • Make up tattooing

PMU is a trade, a skill, an art, a science.
The first question a lot of people ask is: ‘What is the difference between semi permanent make up and permanent make up?’ Well, quite simply, they are the same. The pigment used will stay in the skin indefinitely, however, could appear to disappear or fade, hence why top ups every 18-24 months is advised.
This is similar to topping up your hair colour as it fades, just to allow a colour boost to ensure freshness and clarity. However, some clients choose not to have top ups until 8-10 years! This really depends on lifestyle and how much UV exposure the permanent make up has been exposed to. An SPF of 50 is always recommended.

Permanent make up can date back well into the 1930’s whereby they injected vegetable dyes, and stated it was a ‘complexion treatment’

Over the years, permanent make up has become more and more popular in the rise of the celebrity culture we live in, and also the television programmes we watch. The pressure to look good all the time, but natural too, has prompted even more demand for the procedures.

Permanent make up is considered similar to, if not the same, as conventional tattooing. In conventional tattooing, the needle deposits indelible black India ink into the first 3mms of skin. Permanent make up involves a tiny needle depositing hypoallergenic pigment containing safe iron oxides, at just under 1mm of the skin. Iron oxide has a very small particle size and they are inert which means they don’t react metabolically. Permanent make up is medically proven and a revolutionary method of applying pigment into the dermal layers of the skin.

Permanent make up is a way of looking your best no matter where you are and what situation you find yourself in! No more bad make up days!!